Who are Fresh Meals 2 U?

We are a small family operated business proudly providing a complete meal solution & home food delivery for:
· Busy people
· People who are unable to cook for themselves
· Seniors who need our meal service to allow them to remain independent

How Does Fresh Meals 2 U Work?

Our home delivered meals Brisbane are easily accessible. Simply click on a meal for a detailed description, ingredients, nutrition panels and calories. You'll also see how we use superfoods to make our meals different from the rest. Once you receive your meal, simply microwave a meal for 3 minutes and your breakfast, lunch or dinner is served. Thanks to our state of the art packaging machine, our meals have an 5-8 day shelf life depending on delivery day, so you’ll have fresh meals on hand for the week!

Are Fresh Meals 2 U Meals Gluten Free?
All meals marked with (GF) are classed gluten free. However, although we are very strict with our meal preparation procedures our meals are produced in an environment where cross contamination is possible.

Why are Fresh Meals 2 U meals chilled not frozen?
This gives the customer the best experience as it allows Fresh Meals 2 U to cook to order, deliver the freshest, best tasting and most nutritional meals possible.

Are there additives in any Fresh Meals 2 U meals?
We do not put any additives in our meals. However, certain condiments we buy from our wholesalers to use as ingredients, such as tomato sauce, soy sauce, cream etc. contain certain additives.

I have food allergies. Even though the meal ingredients do not contain what I’m allergic to, could it still be present?
Yes. Although our chefs take the greatest of care when cooking the meals, the potential for cross contamination is still possible, that is why we do not offer special dietary requirement meals.

How are Fresh meals 2 U meals reheated?
If you leave your meal in the container, the meal must be reheated in the microwave only. All meals have heating instructions on the packaging.

How long do the meals last?
Our meals have a use by date of 5 - 8 days from the date of delivery. This assumes that they are kept at or below 4ºC in the fridge.

Can I freeze my meals?
Yes you can. We do recommend that if you are going to freeze your meals that you do so when you first receive them, rather than at the end of their refrigerated life. Meals should be reheated in the microwave directly from the freezer, do not thaw first. Please note that meals such as salads, soups and desserts cannot be frozen.

How do I know the meals are safe?
Our meals are made in our commercial kitchen which complies with all council regulations and our food is delivered in a refrigerated van. All the meals are packed in food grade containers which are sealed with a heat sealing lid therefore preventing contamination.

Is there a contract or scheme involved?
No there is not. You are free to order whatever and whenever you like. Please note that we do have a minimum $69.50 plus delivery spend per order. ( If your order is over $100 delivery is free).

What if I live in a gated complex or a secured premise?
Please contact us with detailed instructions on how our driver can gain access to your front door to deliver the meals. Or provide alternative delivery address.

How do I know when my meals are going to arrive?
On the morning of your delivery your delivery, you'll receive a text message with an eta and a link for you to be able to track the truck on its delivery run!

What if I’m not going to be home when delivery arrives?
As meals are delivered in insulated boxes with ice packs you do not need to be home. However, the meals do require to be refrigerated within 4 hours of delivery or we can deliver to your work place.

What suburbs do Fresh meals 2 U deliver to?
Please check delivery page for further details 

Do you deliver on weekends and public holidays?
No sorry we are closed on these days. If your order falls on a public holiday, your delivery will move to the next possible delivery day. You will be notified by email on your expected delivery day.

What is low fat?
3 grams of fat or less per 100g