Keep your friends close and your snacks closer.

Keep your friends close and your snacks closer.

Maybe snacks are like enemies and you've got to keep your eye on them. I try to eat healthier snacks or small quantities... unless I have a snaccident. 

Snaccident? You know, you've opened a bag of chips while watching a movie only to discover that somehow you've devoured the whole lot without even realising.. or maybe your snaccidents involve scoffing down a whole pizza or box of chocolates. 


My next solution was, if I don't buy snacks, then I won't eat them. But, sometimes you just feel like something salty, crunchy, or maybe crave a little sweetness. Then I discovered Fresh Meals 2 U protein buddies. 


Quick. Easy. Delivered to my front door with my box of weekly food goodies. 

- Chocolate Protein Buddies 

- White Chocolate Goji Berries 

- Rocky Road 

-Peanut Butter, Goji Berries 

Protein Buddies Snack Attack

1. Just add coffee. I love a chocolate protein ball with a cappuccino 

2. Share with your bestie! My fitness social activity is an 8km beach walk with friends followed by coffee and I've brought these protein balls to share. They travel well and are easy to share.. oh and most importantly everyone loves the taste. 

3. Quick Fix. If you have no time to eat - some days are just crazy! I had surfed two hours in the morning and had a full day of shooting photos. I hoovered three protein buddies and was completely full until dinner. Not having time for lunch doesn't happen often but I was amazed with my quick lunch fix. 

4. Mindful eating. Normally I'd snack on all kinds of things until I'm full but with protein balls I know exactly how much I've eaten. So when the night time munchies hit, I eat one slowly and savour it. 



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