Our Story

While running our family owned restaurant on the Gold Coast, we had our chefs prepare meals for us to take home and reheat after work. We were time poor and exhausted after working all day, but still wanted to nourish our bodies with tasty, healthy and fresh meals.  

It's hard trying to juggle a young family and a business. In doing so, we began to think how many other people out there were also working long hours and didn't have time to prepare themselves good, wholesome, tasty meals. 

We did some research on what other companies were offering. We found that there was a real lack of ‘fresh meals delivered’ services. The traditional frozen meal was so dominant.

We were able to keep our restaurant quality and taste without using preservatives or additives. By doing so we also found that we were not bound by the same wet, frozen meal dishes that were so commonly found in the home delivered meal market. We were able to explore tasty recipes and be more creative with our menu.

After doing some testing, we found that with a state of the art MAP packing machine we were able to produce great meals and offer fresh meals delivered that could be stored in the fridge for up to 8 days and remain fresh. An easy, healthy dinner is just a click away with Fresh Meals 2 U. 

We have since left the restaurant business to focus on our fresh home delivered meals, obtaining HACCP certification for food safety. We have a purpose built commercial facility in Molendinar, in Queensland’s Gold Coast, which has allowed us to expand our vision for the company.

We aim to continue to push the boundaries in menu development. Our mission is to provide a convenient, healthy living vibe while providing fresh food delivery to Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich and Northern NSW.  

For freshly prepared, wholesome, tasty meals delivered straight to your door, info@freshmeals2u.com or call us on 0406 470 744.