Gold Coast Healthy Food Delivery

Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Gold Coast Home

Kick cooking to the kerb – with Fresh Meals 2 U’s healthy selection of hearty home delivered meals Brisbane twice a week for your convenience. Watching your weight? No problem!

We have you covered, with our nutritious choice of calorie-proportioned meals and snacks for any time of the day. Have dinner delivered on the Gold Coast and forget about a tonne of washing up. Pots and pans can stay in the cupboard, with our pre-packaged meals, ready for easy heating.

Imagine being able to avoid the supermarket altogether on your way home from work because dinner is already waiting for you!

Our fantastic selection of yummy healthy food wouldn’t be complete without something sweet!

If you’re a dessert lover, we have you covered with a few healthy samples, such as Chocolate Mousse and Mixed Berry Cheesecake, in bite-sized portions. So convenient and so healthy!

Healthy Meals
Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Door

Nothing is frozen and our fresh meals are delivered to your Gold Coast home or place of work twice a week. Pre-packaged in cooler boxes, which keep your produce fresh for up to 5 hours once it’s left our Molendinar healthy meal delivery centre.

Whether you’re after fresh meals in Burleigh or tasty nutritious lunches in Bundall, our healthy food can be delivered to your door Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays in the Gold Coast region.

We don’t cook on weekends or public holidays, but if you’ve chosen a weekend delivery, your market-fresh produce and high-quality meats are prepared and pre-packaged on Fridays to keep them fresh for a Saturday delivery.

Try Our Meal Plans

Avoid temptations throughout the day!

Instead, stick to a healthy diet plan from Fresh Meals 2 U. Our nutritious work or home-delivered meals can help you stay on track, with our ready-made meals delivered to Gold Coast addresses.

Whether you’re gluten-free or vegetarian, you can opt for 5 or 7-day meal plans and save on time, money and cooking.

Choose from breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and cold-pressed juices and home-style desserts.

If you’re a busy office worker, it’s tempting to sleep in, avoid making lunches and head out at lunchtime, which leaves you open to emotional eating or just buying what’s closest because you’re hungry, without considering the calories.

Forget the dreaded 11 am and 3 pm energy dips and salvage your weekly work lunch budget at the same time. Plan for the week ahead, including snacks, so you avoid downing that calorie-rich chocolate brownie with your coffee.

If there’s refrigerated storage at work, simply label your food, so it’s ready when you are! For cheat days we have a few yummy home-made desserts, too!

Our Meals
Our Meals

Guys, This One’s For You!

If you’re watching your weight, check out our men’s calorie-proportioned meal plans, including ready-made daily eating plans to keep you on track. With meals at just 1,500-1,600 calories, and snacks clearly labelled for nutritional intake and ingredients, it’s easy to avoid overloading on carbs.

Healthy Meals Delivered On The Gold Coast

Simplify your dining with pre-prepared meals delivered twice a week, fresh, not frozen. Phone or email Fresh Meals 2 U today to enjoy delicious and healthy food that can help you maintain – or regain – your waistline or visit our contact us page.

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