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Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

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Awaken your body with a Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse 

If your looking to fast track feeling fantastic and achieving your weight loss goals a cold pressed juice cleanse can really help. 

We have teamed up with a local company Juzcit that specialize in this amazing process of juice cleansing. After trying the process my self i felt great and have now implemented it

into my weekly routine.

What are some of the benefits of cleansing?


Increased energy

Brighter smoother skin

Better sleep

Improved immune system (don’t get sick asoften)

Lose weight

We have also paired this with our meals to bring you a simple to follow 5:2 Diet 

How does a 5 &2 Diet work?

When following an eating plan that iscommonly known as the 5&2 diet, you pay less attention to the number ofcalories you consume each day and pay more attention to giving your body daysof ‘feasting’ and ‘fasting’.   The benefits of this include a lessrestrictive method to achieve weight loss and it has been shown that this dietis effective at reducing insulin levels and improving insulin sensitivity.

Be sure to check out our 5:2 meal plans - show me please 

If this sounds like what you are needing

We have given a little more info below. 

To go deeper into cleansing please check out the Juzcit website for more info 

Intro to Juice Cleansing


Juice fasting is the process of drinkingnutrient dense juices from fresh fruits and vegetables in place of conventionalmeals. Cold pressed juices contain the same nutrients of the fresh fruits andvegetables in the juice because the process just removes the fibers making iteasy to consume large quantities of nutrients with less digestive load.

Whether you are starting a weight lossjourney, resetting your digestive system or doing a pattern interrupt to kickstart you on a healthy eating plan, a juice cleanse will support you to meetyour health goals.  A Cold Pressed JuiceCleanse is designed to balance your body with a wide range of nutrients whilecleansing and detoxing your body of toxins.


How does it work?


Toxins build up in your body from a hugenumber of sources. Think chemicals in processed foods, car fumes, pesticides,makeup, cleaning products, personal care products…. They also build up as apart of your normal cell metabolism. Your body has a number of major systemsthat cleanse toxins from your body. Your lungs, liver, intestines, lymphaticsystem and skin are some.  Your body’sdefence against built up toxins that it cannot expel is to store them in fatcells. Too much build up and illness and disease is a result.

A juice cleanse feeds your body nutrientdense liquids that are easily digested so as to give your body a chance toexpel built up toxins. The nutrients give your cells a chance to recover andregenerate and as your fat is used by the body as an energy source, toxins arereleased and expelled by your normal body detoxing systems.

Over 5kg of fruits and vegetables are usedto create 1 day’s worth of juice for your juice cleanse.  That is a lot more vitamins and minerals ineach bottle than most people would ever eat in one day.

How do i use the cleanse pack 

Over 12 hrs drink your juices at the rate of 1 every 1½ to 2 hours. In between each juice, fill your empty juice bottle with good filtered or alkaline water and drink 20mins before your next juice.

In each pack we have included an easy to follow instruction flyer 

How Long Should I Cleanse?


The length of time you cleanse really depends on what your cleanse goals are. For example, if you are looking for a quick reset, eat pretty clean most of the time, drink limited alcohol and caffeine drinks and are thinking of cleansing pretty regularly then 3 to 5 days would suit.  If you have lived a pretty toxic life, drink large amounts of alcohol, caffeine drinks, sugary or diet drinks and eat lots of processed foods then you might want to start slow with 2 to 3 days and buildup to longer and regular cleanses once you have started to really get into a healthy eating lifestyle. 

Serving Size
Energy (kj)
Protien (g)
Fat Total (g)
- saturated (g)
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- sugar (g)
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