Meal Plans

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Mens 5 day 1500-1600 calorie...
Womens 5 day 1200-1300 calor...
Mens 7 day 1500-1600 calorie...
Ladies 7 Day 1200 - 1300 cal...

Weekly Meals Delivered To Your Home

Throw away the grocery list! Forget about shopping for the week!

Food too good to refuse with Fresh Meals 2 U’s monthly meal prep food delivery Brisbane service. Just think, you’ll never have to cook again, and you can watch your weight at the same time! Fresh Meals 2 U offers a choice of 2 different types of 5 and 7-day meal plans, one for busy people on the go and one specifically aimed at men who are watching their weight.

These 5 and 7-day weekly meal plans are tailored to a cut-off calorie intake of 1,500-1,600 per day, making it easy if you’re trying to trim down. Our 5 and 7-day meal plans can also match your dietary requirements if you’re gluten-free or vegetarian.

Weekly Meals

Save Time

Save Time With Monthly Meal Prep Delivery

You receive a delicious choice of: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Healthy Snacks and Cold-Pressed Juices. Best of all, the team at Fresh Meals 2 U has made it easy by choosing your weekly plans for you – a bonus for all our time-poor patrons!

However, you’re not tied to any particular dish so if you’d rather make your own food choices, it’s easy to follow a healthy diet by reading the Average Daily Nutrition amounts. Fresh Meals 2 U menus list each meal’s Energy, Calorie, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Sugar and Sodium quantities, while all meals, snacks and juices are free from Saturated Fat.

Never mind about monthly meals again with our food-prep delivery in the greater Brisbane region to Byron Bay. All your weekly meals are delivered once a week, fresh, not-frozen, pre-packaged in cooler boxes to remain cold for up to 5 hours.


Our chefs create meals in our state-of-the-art kitchen that are high on health and taste for your eating enjoyment. Best of all, our choice of daily lunch and dinner deliveries takes the hard work out of having to think about cooking and preparing food to eat.


Tackle your tastebuds on Tuesday, with market-fresh produce, snacks low in sugar, salt and fat, and yummy cold-pressed juices. Try Jack Rose juice, with apple, lemon, strawberry & mint.


Mid-week dining is so easy with our delicious food choices. If you’re watching what you eat, all our ingredients and nutritional portions are listed so you can plan your fitness regimen to match.


Travel easily through your Thursday with a mix of delicious health-conscious cuisine delivered to your home or work. Notch up your nutrients with Fresh Meals 2 U.


Friday’s fodder is a selection of savoury meals and snacks to launch you into a weekend of healthy eating – with less washing up. Who wouldn’t love a taste of that!?


Scrumptious Saturdays mean it’s time to relax and forget about cooking. You’ve earned time off from the kitchen, so chill out with our selection of calorie-conscious food, snacks and juices.


Sundays used to be all about meal planning, but take a month off your meal prep, with ready-made meals delivered fresh to your door. Why not top off the week with one of our yummy home-made desserts?!

Meals For The Week Pre-Prepared And Delivered To Your Home Or Work

Simplify your dining with monthly pre-prepared meals delivered once a week, fresh, not-frozen. Phone or email Fresh Meals 2 U today to enjoy delicious and healthy food that can help you maintain – or regain – your waistline or visit our contact us page.

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