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Very Berry Granola

Very Berry Granola

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Don't skip out on the most important meal of the day. Seriously! We've made it easier (and tastier!) than ever to pack in some delicious nutrients first thing in the morning! Our custom blend of granola with blueberries, cranberries, goji berries and raspberries make this a very berry and very yummy breakfast. A delicious low GI breakfast, and all you need to do is add your favourite milk. 

Foods with a low glycaemic index (GI) help control hunger and provide more sustained energy.

Servings per package 1 Serving Size 35g 100g
Energy (kj) 690kj 1969kj
Calories 165cal 471cal
Protein (g) 3.4g 9.6g
Fat Total (g) 12.1g 34.6g
-saturated (g) 3.1g 8.8g
Carbohydrate (g) 20.1g 57.4g
-sugar (g) 12.3g 35.2g
Sodium (mg) 70mg 200mg
Ingredients: Rolled oats, Fruit (24%) [coconut chips, blueberries, (blueberries, sunflower oil, sugar), dates (dates, rice flour), tart sour cherries, (tart sour cherries, sunflower oil, sugar) Davidson plum freeze dried, dried orange, raspberries freeze dried], goji berries, cranberries, rolled barley, tapioca, pumpkin kernels, macadamia oil, puffed rice, maple syrup, pecans, almonds, sunflower kernels, honey, oat bran, cinnamon, cardamom. Allergens: Tree nuts, cereals containing gluten. May contain traces of wheat.