Why Fresh is Best
You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces. 
Just good food from fresh ingredients. (Julia Child)
It’s not a new concept. Most of us know that fresh fruit and veggies taste better. But, sometimes it feels like it’s not convenient or we are just too busy. Often, we have great intentions but simply run out of time and energy.
I feel like I’ve earned a degree on eating canned and frozen food. As a teenager, my family moved to a remote community on the top of Cape York Peninsula. It was back before online shopping. Yep! How did we survive? We ordered our groceries in bulk from Cairns every couple of months. When it was loaded from the barge onto the wharf, it was like Christmas. We tore open boxes and boxes of food.
The fresh food was always the first to be devoured. Then, we routinely worked our way through the rest of the frozen and canned food. It was what you did, unless you were the ultimate gardener. But, even then not all your food can be grown in the tropics with the wet and dry seasons to contend with.
The question is… if frozen meals are so convenient and can be stored for months, why bother buying fresh meals?
5 Reasons why Fresh Meals Beat Frozen Ones
  1. Full of Flavour - The taste buds tug-of-war between fresh and frozen is over! Fresh always wins. Fresh food just tastes better!  When you eat a fresh meal, each component of that meal keeps its flavour, crunch, texture or zing. You just don’t get that with a frozen meal.
  1. Fresh Salads you can grab and eat - I love eating salads during these warmer days, especially ones that you can grab and go. It makes an easy lunch or dinner option. I’ve even used them on picnics or after a surf. It’s so easy. A frozen salad… that’ll never work.
  1. Great Convenience - Fresh meals are delivered weekly, and stack neatly in your fridge. Where as most frozen meal plans deliver a month’s supply of meals that you have to stack into your freezer. So, if you crave a curry, you dig through 30 frozen meals to find it.
  1. Reminds us to eat well - Every time you open the fridge, it’s a visual reminder to eat well and you are less likely to buy takeaway. However, it’s easy to forget a frozen meal that’s tucked away in the depths of your freezer.
  1. Looks Good - Yes, you eat with your eyes first. If it looks yum, you’re more likely to eat it. And it’s more nutritional if you eat fresh, local produce that is in season. Also, if it looks and tastes better you are more likely to stick to your meal plan. This means you’ll eat less take away and you will be healthier and have more energy.
If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food. (Errick McAdams)
I take this one step further - if you keep Fresh Meals 2 U in your fridge, you will eat Fresh Meals 2 U and enjoy it’s many benefits.