The Summer Bug

The Summer Bug

This should be a quaint story about catching the surfing bug in the summer of 2016, on the picturesque beaches of the Gold Coast.  You know, surfing every day, beachy hair, sun-kissed skin, but alas this is not that kind of summer bug.

Life was in full swing.  Health, fitness, family, fun... you name it, it was all happening according to the 2016 new year's resolution plan. Then the inevitable happened... the attack of the summer bug and it spread like wild fire.

Sometimes I just don't think we realise how important Mums really are. 
Mums are the glue that hold everything together... we are a juggling act that never seems to stop. Driven by sheer willpower we do whatever it takes to keep all the balls in the air.

The family is in lockdown. Survival mode has kicked in.
Doctors. Medicine. Cooking. Cleaning. Washing. Repeat. 
As the family slowly recovers... I  am now a sniffly, feverish mess... 
It never seems fair to get sick in summer... don't you think?
I'm sick. I'm too tired to cook. I just need food now... and I’m feeling rather sorry for myself.
My husband offers to cook which really means dialing a pizza.

Does this sounds familiar? 
Do you find it difficult to get healthy food that tastes great, delivered to your door? 
Well I've found a great solution! 
Fresh Meals 2 U delivers to your home or work.
It's fresh, delicious, nutritious and has a heap of Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free options. 
My fridge was stocked. I had a quick recovery... and I'm back surfing again.

Fresh Meals 2 U is like having a personal chef, without the price tag... another one of my secret desires fulfilled.

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