The Exercise Aftermath
The Exercise Aftermath 
“Strength: Anyone can workout for an hour, but to control what food goes on your plate the other 23 hours… that’s hard work.” (Anon)
Hard Work?
Does this quote describe hard work as always eating healthy and nutritious food? I too, try not to have temptations in my fridge or cupboard, but I can’t control every environment. I find that hard, especially if I’m starving.
Or do you think it describes that it’s hard work to stay on top of everything each week… planning and organising meals and snacks. Maybe it’s all of these things.
Okay, you’ve finished exercising. You’re tired but satisfied cause you worked your butt off. Don’t forget you’re hot and sweaty… cause let’s be honest, exercising in Summer can be brutal. And lastly, you just realise that you’re that hungry that you could eat the butt off a low-flying duck. I know I’m prone to get hangry (hunger anger) after early morning exercise.
So I started to limit my hard work. I concocted a plan… something that is healthy, quick, easy and can be a part of my routine. The other 23 hours don’t need to be hard work if we are prepared and have a variety of healthy choices. 
Not all food is created equal. So, what’s the best choice and the science behind it? 
The Aftermath 
What are the benefits of eating after you exercise or workout?
  1. You need to eat after you’ve exercised! Your body has used the fuel (glycogen that’s store in your muscles) for energy. It’s time refuel. We’re talking about complex carbohydrates (whole grains like brown rice and quinoa) to replace your energy levels and lean protein (like fish, tofu, and chicken) to help repair and strengthen your muscles. If you can’t eat a full meal, at least have a quick snack 20 mins after you exercise then eat your meal a bit later.
  2. Don’t Blow it! You are famished and you feel great because you nailed that workout. Let’s not get carried away. Don’t snack or eat more calories than you’ve burned, unless you’re trying to gain weight. It’s simple maths.
  3. Hydrate. Just because you’ve finished… doesn’t mean stop on the water… it’s time to rehydrate.
3 Snacks to Eat After your Workout.
1. Protein Balls. Fresh Meals 2 U have so many delicious flavours.
2. Two hard boiled eggs on wholewheat toast
3. A piece of wholewheat toast with half a banana and 1 Tablespoon of peanut butter
3 Meals to Eat After your Workout.
  1. English Scrambled Eggs: packed with veggies and herbs from Fresh Meals 2 U
  2. Protein Shake: Protein powder, almond milk, banana and berries blended together
3.   Super Lean Meals: choose from Salmon, Barramundi, Beef, Chicken or Pork and Veggies, it’s delicious and ready to go from Fresh Meals 2 U.
Eat Clean, Train Mean, Get Lean.
What does this really mean? Eating the right food before and after you exercise to gain lean muscle. Let’s work smarter, not just harder.

By Lystra Bisschop
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