The Benefits Of A Fresh NDIS Meal

The Benefits Of A Fresh NDIS Meal

In recent years, there has been a growing debate around the benefits of fresh versus frozen food. Although many brands have been pushed to produce healthier frozen foods, there is still much left to be desired when choosing your meals frozen over fresh.

When choosing your NDIS meals provider, you’re definitely going to be looking for the best possible nutritional value, and let’s be honest, the tastiest food. We break down the many benefits of a fresh NDIS meal for you below.

They Are Full Of Vitamins And Minerals

One of the most important upsides to a fresh meal is that they are full of all the necessary nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Freezing a meal has been shown to reduce the overall nutrient value of a meal, meaning you’re losing out on those essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, many frozen meals don’t provide enough portions of fruit and vegetables, again reducing the meal’s overall nutrient value. An NDIS Meals Provider is obligated to provide you with the healthiest and freshest meal possible, meaning you won’t be scrambling for more veggies.

There Are Far Fewer Preservatives

Ever wondered how frozen food can last so long in your freezer? This isn’t always because of the natural ability of the food to last long. Often, many frozen foods are filled with preservatives in order to lengthen their shelf life. In addition to this, they often contain a lot more salt, added gluten, flavourings and other chemicals to ensure the food tastes similar to how it would taste fresh. Another thing to consider with frozen food is the number of toxins that can be leached into the food whilst it is stored in plastic and during the microwaving process.

They Are Saturated Fat-Free

To prepare frozen foods, they are most often processed in unhealthy ways, such as through high-temperature mechanical pressing, bleaching, filtering and deodorizing. Nutrients are lost through the extracting and refining process, and often frozen meals include high amounts of saturated fats. With a fresh meal, none of these processes is required, and thus they are far healthier as there are lesser quantities of sodium and saturated fats.

They Are Kept Cool Until You Receive Them

One of the arguments against a fresh meal is that the ingredients often sit for long hours en-route to the grocery store, spending even more time on the shelf. As with all NDIS meal providers, your meals are created from only the freshest ingredients, ensuring you get the most out of your meals. Additionally, the meals are kept cool in a cooler box until they reach your home, ensuring that the nutrients aren’t lost in the process of transportation.

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