Now’s the Time to Get the Whole Family Eating Healthy

Now’s the Time to Get the Whole Family Eating Healthy

Summer’s when we spend your time playing outside in the sun with your kids, whether it’s at the beach, park or in your own backyard. If those games of tag are taking too much of a toll, it could be a sign that you’re not eating healthy. There are ways to fix this problem for the benefit of your whole family, especially the little ones, who need to develop good habits if they’re going to grow up to be strong, smart and successful.

It’s not just a question of physical fitness. The way we eat, drink and love plays a huge role in our ability to cope with stress, anxiety and sadness, which have an enormous effect on the state of our mental health. Perhaps this is the most important reason to follow these steps to a healthier lifestyle for the entire household.

Visit the Farmers Market

You’ll support the local community while finding a bounty of healthy foods packed with vitamins and minerals. As a result, it makes for a wonderful weekend diversion for everyone, especially the kids. Not only will they discover all kinds of fruits and vegetables in exotic shapes and colours, they’ll learn about the vital connection between the Earth, the local farmer and the plate, which keeps us all alive and kicking.

Discover New Recipes

Top chefs from all over the world are ready with exciting dishes that everyone will find delightful, even the little ones. Thumbing through cookbooks or browsing foodie websites is a fun activity in itself and sure to get the mouth watering. Feast your eyes at EatingWell, which has exactly what you need to eat healthy while sacrificing nothing in taste. Pick out a dish and get to work with the slicing and dicing.

Eat at Home

There’s another advantage to honing your cooking skills: It will keep you away from restaurants, which add too much sugar, salt and fat to your meals in order to tickle your taste buds and keep you coming back for more. Now you’ll have control over what goes on your plate and that includes those fresh vegetables you bought at the farmers market. Besides the health benefits, you’ll save money and spend more time with the kids. 

Cook Together

Speaking of spending time together, why not get the little ones to help you out in the kitchen? It’ll teach them a useful skill while giving them a sense of accomplishment doing something like a grownup. Moreover, kids are more willing to eat foods they normally dislike such as broccoli, when they wash it, chop it and throw it in the pot themselves. Oh, and the recipes provide a quick reading and math lesson to boot.

Shop the Right Way 

Planning your meals in advance will ensure you get the ingredients you need for all the healthy dishes you picked out. And remember to keep foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat off the shopping list and replace refined wheat with whole grains whenever possible for an extra dose of fiber. That list will also help you from spending money on junk food, as long as you don’t stray. 

Make Nutritious Snacks

These efforts are all for naught if you can’t keep your hand out of the bag of chips. Snacks are a huge source of extra calories that you can’t afford if you are going to keep your family in shape, at least those that are high in sugar, salt and fat. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy alternatives from SnackNation that give you and the kids something to munch on between meals without adding too many calories. It’s amazing what you can do with some fruit and a handful of nuts.

Don’t put off these healthy adjustments to your lifestyle. Your body and brain demand a change, and it’s the best gift possible for the rest of your family. The kids are going to need all the mental and physical strength they can get when school starts.


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