Keeping Yourself Motivated

Keeping Yourself Motivated

You are already aware of the benefits of exercising and eating healthy. But if it was as easy as just knowing the benefits to get us all in the move and keep us motivated to continue, then we would all be living healthy lifestyles. But it isn’t. Making a habit out of this change in activities, spending or even saving more on food takes more than just knowing, you must have the right mindset for the task and be smart in approaching it. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how healthy you’ve lived, your fitness level, whether or not you’ve deliberately exercised before, or if your size. There are things you could do; steps to take that will help you achieve your goal and find it more fun and enjoyable.

The first step is to find out what keeps you from achieving the goals:

If you’ve tried in the past to start but ended up stopping or getting discouraged along the way. What was the reason? If you have never put in any effort to starting, but have had the desire to, why didn’t you start? You’d be surprised how much solution you’ll find for your lack of motivation when you pay attention and find answers to the problems in the first place.

Although things like having a busy schedule can affect the progress and mess up the desire to achieve your goals in between the process, for a lot of us, the barriers are more mental than are physical limitations. Sometimes, it could be a lack of confidence in yourself or you get very motivated, then it fades out very quickly and you’re down to zero and back to the old way of life. Or it could be that you are very easily discouraged and it keeps you from success, but it’s a place we’ve all been before. And one we can train our mind to get out of over time.

The attitude of doing nothing if you can’t achieve all is a very bad one when it comes to this change. Sometimes, we want to by all the fruits first or change all our activities first before we can get into the plan. But all that does is keep you from starting and far away from achieving anything. You don’t have to force yourself into 20 hours a week at the gym or get into painful routines just you can get it all in. You don’t have to learning all the ways to cook all the healthiest meals before you can start eating healthy. A little change is better than nothing. And what the little change does is you can find joy in the little achievement and be at a better chance of achieving more.  And just a little improvement will have a profound effect on your health, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. If you spend the little motivation you have on comparing yourself to somebody else and the achievements they have, you’ll end up very discouraged in yourself or encouraged but only when they are there to be compared to. So don’t worry yourself about your body and focus more on increasing those little achievements to get more results. Look at the unhealthy choices you’ve made in the past and as you develop a new way to live and improve your health, let the failures motivate you to do better, learn and grow.

Analyze yours expectations as well. Don’t expect to wake in two weeks with all the benefits of living a healthy life. You didn’t get used to living on junk foods, or resting overly without any form exercise in a week, and you’re not going to magically develop a new habit like that. Be very patient with yourself and take things a step at a time, or better still, as many steps you’re capable of taking at a time. When you expect too much, too soon, your drive will gradually fade into discouragement. So do not worry your head over the results, have it in mind, but focus on remaining consistent. The results of your efforts will show up in time.

You should have a reward structure for every little accomplishment. For example, you could go to the movies alone or with a friend after a month of consistency and achieving the goal of the month. Or anything that you really love doing. Reward yourself for every little accomplishment and this will motivate you to continue to achieve more.

You must first believe that you can achieve this change. You must settle into the idea and accept the fact that you may need to make sacrifices and discipline yourself to do new things consistently, and abstain from doing other things for a long period of time. This is where your motivation starts and this is what determines how far you can go with what you are starting. Motivation from external sources are also amazing, you could make a framed image of an artwork with fruits and hang it somewhere you can always see it in the kitchen, or a picture with words of motivation to help you deal with challenges that you may face along the way “Nobody made it without some challenges, you can do it!”. The key thing is to stay consistent and if you put more thoughtfulness and effort into it, you’ll happy to see the results!

I’ve come up with a formula that will help you on this journey to a healthy lifestyle and having a year that will work for you, every year.

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