Tips for healthy eating

Tips for healthy eating

What you snack on in between meals impacts greatly on your physique and general wellbeing. Many of us will reach for something salty or sweet when mid-afternoon hits, but these are rarely healthy snacks. Follow our tips for healthy snacking below to help you kick those bad snack habits and get your health back on track.

Snacking The Healthy Way

Plan Your Snacks

Snack food displays at the checkout counter can be hard to resist. If you know you’ll be needing a snack, it’s wise to plan ahead. Make a shopping list to take to the supermarket so that you won’t be tempted by those naughty favourites. Better yet, have your snacks prepared for you and delivered straight to your door!

Focus On Your Food

When you do snack, focus. Mindless eating is a huge factor in overconsumption, as it’s easy to stop paying attention and overeat while scanning emails or running errands. Mindless eating is an easy and fast way to rack up extra calories, which could eventually lead to heart disease and obesity. 

Fill The Fruit Bowl

Fruit is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar and nasty additives of other ‘snack foods’. Fill up your fruit bowl with your favourite varieties and put it where you can easily see it. You’re more likely to snack on healthy options if they’re on hand.

Ditch The Muesli Bars

Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging and advertising — processed muesli, breakfast or energy bars are typically high in salt, fat or sugar. If it comes in a packet, it’s generally not that great for you, unless it’s been hand made and you know exactly what’s gone into it.

Portion and Self Control

A treat now and again is fine, as long as it’s in moderation. If you really want some of your favourite junk food, read the label and stick to one serve instead of eating the whole packet!

Set a Schedule

Eating a healthy snack at a set time will help to cut down mindless nibbling that occurs out of boredom or because you’re hungry between meals. Schedule a snack every 3-4 hours.

Choose Foods You Like

Cottage cheese might have nutritional value, but if you don't like it, there’s really no point trying to eat it. Instead, thing about foods that bring you pleasure and find an alternative. If you want something crunchy but free of chemicals, try celery sticks. If chocolate is your vice, opt for a protein ball.

Snacking Can Be Good For You

There’s no need to fight the munchies. Snacking can be good for you, as long as you are smart about it. Snacks such as protein balls can be an excellent and tasty way to add protein to your diet that you may not be getting from other protein foods sources, while raw seed bars can help boost your fibre intake. If your body is in need of an energy boost, have a healthy snack. Your body will thank you. 

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