Don't be shy, Try the Thai!
If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food. (Errik McAdams)
Sometimes your feet just wander to the fridge. And you find yourself gazing inside, deciding what do I feel like eating? Yes, I often do this and I've helped my family make a huge change. A change for the better. 
Friday nights used to mean, the end of a hectic week and time to relax. Yes, Friday night we ate take away or fast food. Now, I can’t remember the last time I bought an unhealthy meal. If I didn’t have our fridge stacked with Fresh Meals 2 U, I think we’d be in a lot of trouble. It certainly has made our lives so much easier, not to mention healthier. Now, it’s just deciding which meal to eat?
Summer Thai Chicken Salad
What a great idea for dinner or enjoy this easy lunch on a warm day, with the irresistible fresh Thai flavours of coriander, lime, chilli and ginger. It’s crunchy, zesty, packed with nutrition and incredibly delicious. And, is a great Gluten-free option.
This exotic dish includes, vermicelli rice noodles, fresh crunchy zucchini, carrots, spring onion, lean chicken mince, and is infused with Thai flavours of ginger, coriander, chilli, mint, lime, and lemon. You can either heat up the chicken first or simply drizzle the homemade sweet chilli sauce over the cold salad. And, it’s so much more than just a flavoursome, filling meal.
5 Health Benefits of Summer Thai Chicken Salad:
  • Chicken: helps in calcium absorption and bone strengthening, aids muscle growth and development, reduces weight, helps control blood pressure, and reduces risk of cancer.
  • Coriander: helps with skin disorders, lowers cholesterol, aids in digestion, is an excellent antiseptic, has strong anti-histamine properties, and reduces blood pressure.
  • Zucchini: helps with weight loss, promotes eye health, helps protect against colon cancer, and prevents diabetic heart disease.
  • Ginger: aids digestion, relieves nausea and morning sickness, has anti-inflammatory qualities, and is recommended to those who suffer from motion sickness.
  • Spring Onion: great for cardiovascular health, has anti-bacterial properties, boosts your immunity, reduces colon cancer, fights eye disease, controls blood sugar levels and protects skin form skin wrinkling.
Noodles are not only amusing, but delicious… (Julia Child)
Yes, they sure are Julia! Vermicelli rice noodles are not only delicious hot, but cold noodles are tasty in this vibrant salad. 
Summer Thai Chicken Salad  aids your digestion and stops your skin wrinkling… not many meals can keep you feeling great on your inside and looking fab on your outside. Enjoy, while the weather is still warm.
by Lystra Bisschop
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